Edward Gonsalves 70% of participants in my classes and workshops are women Ed is Pathway Leader in Entrepreneurship for the MA Programme at the European Business School (London), Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Human Resources, Toulouse Business School (Barcelona) and Visiting Professor on the Executive MBA, ESADE Business School (Barcelona). He grew up in Nigeria and currently lives in Barcelona. Ed has a passion for Human Play in Decision-Making. He has 2 sisters who have taught him a thing or two about the glass and other ceilings facing women in entrepreneurship today! In this interview he also shares the experience of teaching at the University a class which is dominated by women entrepreneurs, and three of them are featured here in this article. You teach entrepreneurship for students – why is this subject mainly attended by women? I would say that when I started getting involved in entrepreneurship education twenty years ago, 80% of participants in my classes and workshops were men. Today, that has flipped to 60/70% women. This change is driven by multi-dimensional forces, both globally and more locally. From your experience how would you describe the profile of a girl student who has a future in entrepreneurship? In my experience and reflecting over about thirty women that immediately come to mind, I’m not sure that there is a single profile for a young woman with an entrepreneurial future. Nor am I sure that the women I am thinking of are necessarily significantly different from men as business founders. What I will say is that the women [...]

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