Radka Šillerová I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and came to Nuremberg, Germany, ten years ago to live with my then partner. Radka Šillerová   Right after the Revolution in 1989 I started my own business. I ran my own company in the wellness business until 2001 and then moved on to work in procurement in the non-food area. A couple of years later I began to focus more on raising my children, but in 2013 I went back into procurement at a small company. However, about a year ago, my life changed radically. Within one month I left my partner and had to move out of our apartment. Shortly after that I also lost my job. So I had to say good-bye to all my goals and wishes that had led me from the Czech Republic to Germany. From one moment to the next my whole life changed and I needed to find quick and viable solutions for all the problems in various areas of my life: Where can I find a suitable place to live? How can I afford the apartment? Where shall my children go to school? And many more… I had to make a far reaching decision: Should I go back home or stay in this “foreign” country that had already become my second home? As I don’t usually choose simple way, I decided to stay in Nuremberg.       However, this made it necessary to solve a number of other problems as fast as possible, too. I needed to focus on finding living quarters as well as a way to gain money. The question was: Should I go back to work for somebody else or should I start another company of my own after so many years as an employee? By chance I attended a seminar held [...]

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