Drawings of children from the ‘Tirana Deaf Pupils Institute’ are turned into a wonderful fashion collection. “They ‘speak’ with their hands! They cannot communicate in the traditional way but they can still feel and create just the way all humans do.”  So says Gentian Minga, the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Living Albania’ magazine. It was Gentian that came up with the idea to use fashion as a powerful medium to release important messages with a social impact. Inspired by the earlier collection of Mirela Nurce, with the “Israel On” campaign, he decided to collect the drawings of children with special needs and turn them into a beautiful collection. With the help of UNDP Albania staff, Nora Kushti and Entela Lako, who provided their support for this project, it now includes deaf children too. This idea was embraced immediately because, for these children, drawings are not just a way to create, but also a way to communicate and spread messages.   Aferdita Paqarada, fashion designer   The project was a ‘Living Magazine’ project masterminded by Gentian Minga as Project Manager and creator supported by Nurce Couture, UNDP Albania, UN Albania and the Swiss Embassy in Tirana. All this was initiated in order to attract attention to these marginalised persons who, given the right opportunities, can play an important part in society. Mirela gave the project a beautiful name “With Innocence On” and with Gentian came up with a meaningful slogan for the project: “PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES BUT WITH UNLIMITED TALENTS”. The primary objective is [...]

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