This is the wisdom that they shared with me in 2015 BY MIRELA SULA     Sharon Lechter I am inspired by everyone I see taking control of their own financial lives. We have far too many victim mentality people who want to blame others for their lack of financial resources. Those people who become victors instead of victims inspire others to take control of their lives… With all the changes in the global economy it is important to focus on your business mission. The greatest businesses either solve a problem or serve a need. Gill Fielding My view is that everyone is born with a love of money and an ability to handle it and ‘play’ with it but our society holds wealth in such a low regard that much of our cultural references (from Dickens to the Spice Girls) are about how bad and dirty money is. When we constantly tell young children not to touch money because its ‘dirty’ we are giving them the message to hate it. So most people are born with an open mind and for that they can always learn how to handle it, grow it, flow it, whatever but sadly as soon as you start instilling negativity the mind closes and it becomes too ‘difficult’.   Sue Johnson We have no idea of the amazing impact we have on our partners – for good and for ill. We do not understand how the human brain responds to rejection or abandonment by those we depend on as a literal danger cue. Emotional disconnection hurts – this kind of emotional pain impacts the brain in the same way as physical pain…. Our society is rife with sensationalist misinformation that leads p [...]

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