Melissa Farnham Executive Head Teacher at Stepping Stones School  Developing the resilience of young people Melissa is a single mother of two children, who inspire her each day. She was brought up through the UK Care system and was privileged during her childhood to meet many different people from different backgrounds. She studied PE teaching at university and then went on to work within the special needs sector. With her background and having the learning impairment of Dyslexia she thinks that she had a naturally empathy with learners that had barriers to learning, and so her journey began to help children with disabilities. Now she is the Head Teacher at the Stepping Stones School, a very outstanding institution that develops the resilience of young people with mild disabilities and hidden disabilities such as terminal illness, learning disabilities, mild ‘Aspergers’ and high anxiety. Melissa Farnham     Working with disadvantaged and disabled children is a challenge. Can you describe your experience as a head teacher there? A quote I have in my office is, “the kids that need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways.’ This is a true reflection of the young people I work with. They inspire me each day to evoke the staff under my watch to role model and guide each of the students to reach their true potential. Stepping Stones is a school full of young people that the mainstream couldn’t help or guide. I have the pleasure in seeing them flourish and transition into young people that society understands and can see the potential in. My job is [...]

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