Gill Fielding  A candle loses nothing if it is used to light another By Mirela Sula  Gill felt completely in the flow when she started to motivate people to take action about money. After her life experience and a variety of courses, she knew it was coming. It was the moment when she drew a picture of what life is about and it was a picture of herself throwing open the gates and everyone was able to come through. She believed it and decided to concentrate on this. “The life purpose, if you have one, it doesn’t come at the first go” she says. Gill was able to formulate it when she started to light the spark… she started lighting a candle for herself and then realised that she was able light other candles as well. Gill has worked hard for 10 years to find the tune of her mission and focus on this tune. “It gets condensed into the inner soul, in your genetic make-up – the clearer you get in your mission the easier it is”. Gill and her father came into this world exactly in the same house and the same circumstances, but the difference between them is that she decided to follow her own path and not the one that others told her to go down. At a time of the world still recovering from the financial crisis, Gill believes that it is people’s job to start thinking about and taking responsibility for their future. If they don’t do that with their money then they will face penury, because very soon the state will not be able to support them. So her mission is to get everybody self-sufficient and looking after their financial situation. Gill believes that ever [...]

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