Camilita Nuttall It’s My Life and I Live It! Her mission is to empower more lives every day through her ‘Fight for Your Future’ seminars across the world, her ‘Mind Your OWN Business” Conference in March and the ‘Event of Champions’, in January 2016 (23rd & 24th). Her ambition is to become a globally recognised name where people come to her to be mentored on how to earn more, fight for their future and live and become a CHAMPION! This is Camilita Nuttal and here is her story.    “The Event of Champions” is on 23/24 January. What inspired you to organise this event? WOW! I wanted to give like-minded people the chance to start the year ‘RIGHT’ with a clear plan for success and with systems and steps to make it happen. I see too many people set New Year plans without any support, correct information or strategies for the proper execution of those plans. By March most of those plans are shelved and people go right back to square one. I wanted to bring a line-up of speakers who care for people ‘first’ before their wallets – so that’s why I chose such an amazing line up of men and women. The Event of Champions: is going to be a three times a year event across the UK, then monthly around the world. We will be partnering with some of the world’s best speakers and trainers at these events and catering for both mind, body and spirit focusing on the whole man. Lives will forever be changed! You are described by many as a ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker – can you tell us how this came to be? This [...]

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