Jo Davison The story of the Blue Cow She is a mother of three children and her best fairy tale for them now is “The Blue Cow” which means that she always will make them feel special and unique. Blue Cow now is turned in a very successful story for us as adults as well, but it started when her boys (now 10 and 9) were little. They were watching an episode of Blue Cow and they said ‘Mum, we should be Blue Cows…’ This got them Steve and Jo to say: “yes, we should! So together they all listed the traits of ‘Blue Cows’ – these included being positive, friendly, kind and never settling for ‘normality’. And then they listed what the opposite of a Blue Cow would be. These became ‘Brown Cows’. These were negative, lethargic, grumpy people.  They had no idea that this concept would then transform their Health Care business, which they had at the time. They inspired their team to be Blue Cows and now they have a mentoring business; They have Blue Cow Awards and run inspirational events for fellow Blue Cows. She now talks all over the world about living as a Blue Cow and creating a dream life!  BY MIRELA SULA Photo credit: Bobbi Bicker & Jean-Christophe Hermier     What is the story behind the Blue Cow? The Blue Cow concept came from a children’s TV show that used to be shown on the BBC channel Cbeebies in the UK. It’s all about a cow – a blue cow – that is different from all the other cows in her field. Unlike the other cows she dreams about what might exist in the world beyond her field. She’s full of optimism, [...]

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