The Blue Cow Summit It is a unique event that will inspire you to take your life to the next level in 2016! Inside us all is a ‘Blue Cow’ and a ‘Brown’ Cow. The Blue Cow is the part of us who is dynamic, positive, and dreams of making a difference and leaving a legacy. When we unleash our inner Blue Cow, we take action to create our Dream life in terms of our Business, finance, Health, leadership and relationships. We strive to make our dent on the universe and not settle for a life less than we deserve.  Our inner Brown cow is the part of us that tells us we are not good enough, worries what people will think and wants us to stay in our comfort Zone where it is safe. It is often because of our own Brown cow voice (or Brown Cow people in our life) that we settle. The Blue Cow Summit is a place where Blue Cows come to learn and grow. The speakers are what we call ‘Blue Cow thought leaders’ who have achieved success in areas that include Wealth Creation, Lifestyle, Health, Relationships, business and communication.  Who should attend the Blue Cow Summit? You could be a business owner, leader in your career or someone who wants to grow, push the boundaries of their current field and learn about Wealth creation, Optiminal health, Business mastery, Leadership and Communication from people who are playing at the top of their game.. When: FRIDAY 19th and SAT 20th Feb. 2016 Where: The Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London Use this link and grab your 30% discount on tickets. Be sure to use this link and the discount code BLUECOW.  BOOK HERE W [...]

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