Fiona ScoTt I always wanted to become a journalist By Lena Zechner Fiona’s way to success was paved with challenges and hurdles that she had to overcome. Growing up in a modest British household with her sisters, she only later realised that the gifts she received from her family were worth more than any other tangible object. Love and support from her loved ones provided her with the right amount of motivation to get into college, being the first person of her family to get a higher education. Inspired by a television-reporter back in her teen years, becoming a successful journalist has been Fiona’s dream ever since. Always being curious and wanting to know more about the world and its people, Fiona started off her career with teaching only to realise very soon that her true passion lies in journalism. People and their approaches to life have always been her passionate interests and at the age of 29, Fiona dared to take the step into the so far unknown but highly attractive field of broadcasting. Several produced series and a successful career in TV broadcasting were the results of this daring decision. Nonetheless, her effort suddenly seemed to vanish when she was told that her projects were to be dropped within the near future. Read the following interview to find out how Fiona managed to successfully set up her own media consultancy and become an inspiring and independent Welsh business woman.   How did you experience your childhood? I had a very happy loving childhood though we were, in UK terms, a low income household. My father worked as a welder, and my m [...]

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