Alison Goldwyn I envision a world in which the Inner Marriage is awakened and cherished Energy, in form. That’s who she is “and that’s who we all are” says Allison. “But we enter this world and forget this, consumed with the gravity of Identity (and I mean “gravity” in the dual sense – of a gravitational pull to “be” someone as well as the gravity of this growing global condition)”. In the soul sense Allison believes that she a quester, an explorer. She thrives on creative expression and inspiring others. She truly delights in helping people (including herself) to shift their perceptions about the life around them and the life within them. In this interview she shares her true self and a big vision that she aspires in her life. What is Synchronistory and what motivated you to start this venture? Synchronistory is an unprecedented global television event celebrating the history of Civilization from past to present via original music (the universal language) and style (the way we culturally and individually express ourselves). Synchronistory gift wraps the continents and presents them to the people via dazzling “edutainment”. It’s like a global selfie; bringing history to life and showcasing the uplifting side of our multiculti face like we’ve never seen before; live from the 7 continents. Personally, Sync is a passion project … an outgrowth of divine inspiration motivated by a profound question posed nearly 30 years ago while staring at a map of the world and wondering who on earth we are and what would it be like if we litera [...]

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