Love connecting women By Mirela Sula I remember when I arrived in this country, three and a half years ago, I had no connection at all. I didn’t have any relative or family members here, but surprisingly I felt connected with London, this vibrant city where hundreds cultures live together. When I applied for a job as an outreach for women’s support groups, on the interview I was asked: “How are you going to bring women together and build these groups, you have no connection? I hadn’t any strong point to convince the panel that I can do this job, as I hadn’t a network in this country. I didn’t know the town; I was not aware about the way how the system works. However inside me the inner voice was calling: “Yes, you can do it”. And when this voice guides me I feel very confident to say YES. I said, “Yes, I have a way how can I make it, and I have a vision that gives me a big picture with a lot of women coming together to inspire and empower each other”. YES, I HAVE A WAY HOW CAN I MAKE IT, AND I HAVE A VISION THAT GIVES ME A BIG PICTURE WITH A LOT OF WOMEN COMING TOGETHER TO INSPIRE AND EMPOWER EACH OTHER. One of the panelists looked at me in a very serious way asking: “How can you achieve this? What can you offer to these women?”. I can offer them love, I said. They smiled, they didn’t take me serious, but they gave me the job. This experience leaded me to a long story, which at the end proved to me that I was right. All I had was love, but it was enough to bring a lot of women together and build several women’s support groups with a great int [...]

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