Adam Stott  Dream Big Adam Stott is a man on a mission and clearly knows where he is going and why. Everything this young gentleman does reflects that sentiment. He has mapped out his path early on and taken the necessary steps to reach the goals that he has set for himself. His can do attitude and why not thinking has laid the path for each step in his journey and no doubt will continue to do so. This journey has taken him from humble beginnings to the visionary entrepreneur, international speaker, innovator and philanthropist that he is today.    Having to face life changing choices as early as aged 15, Adam took this in his stride and made the difficult decisions of doing whatever it took to survive and to better himself. Notwithstanding the terrible jobs he accepted or his living standards as he grew up – he used this to drive himself to learn as much as he could in his chosen field and come out on top. Step-by-step he progressed up the career ladder and made sure he cemented his position, always standing out and standing strong, so that at the age of 25, he quit his well-paid job to start his own business. Within eight years built it up from zero to 40 million UK pounds in turnover and employing over 70 staff members.  His story is very inspiring for many men and women who want to enter the business world and be determined to succeed in overcoming all challenges and obstacles they face on their journey as entrepreneurs. This interview with him will teach you more than you think. You have managed to grow your business to a very high scale at a time where [...]

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