Sammy Blindell Understanding the psychology behind the brand is what transforms a business   By Mirela Sula Sammy is first and foremost a fun loving adventure seeking, purpose driven, freedom focused, city girl turned country bumpkin that lives with her partner Greg between London, Manchester, France and Canada. Between his eight grown up children, their four dogs and five cuts life is always full of wonderful surprises for them. In her spare time she is the founder, visionary and CEO behind, a very valuable brand building resource and community for purpose entrepreneurs of fast growth businesses. Photo Credit: How To Build A Brand   How did you get started in the branding industry? I come from a long line of artists, inventors, creators, engineers and entrepreneurs, so it was inevitable that I would follow one of these paths. Who knew that I’d become a hybrid of all five of them! My mother is a super creative, entrepreneurial woman, who naturally builds communities and inspired me in so many ways. Whilst she and my father were at work, my grandparents would look after me straight from school until she came home to pick me up. One day at the age of just eight years old, I’m sat there on the floor drawing, whilst my grandad was working at his desk. I showed him what I’d created and he made a comment that I should become a graphic designer. I asked him what that was and he told me, along with saying that I should become the best graphic designer in my industry. I didn’t really know what he meant, but I was so excited that I committed the nex [...]

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