Sarah – Anne Lucas  A love affair with fitness! The beginning of your journey with ‘Birdonabike’. My name is Sarah-Anne Lucas, aka ‘Bird’. All my friends and family call me ‘Bird’; I would love you to do the same. I am from the West Country in England and we talk with a beautiful twang to our speech. Some would say like a farmer! Even my children call me ‘Bird’, when they can’t get an answer to ‘Mumma’. So I shared the love with the name of my company. It always makes me smile. I have been an athlete since I can remember: Starting in competitive gymnastics, moving into running and evolving into triathlons of the highest endurance: Ironman. This love affair with challenging my body beyond where most people would go, gave me the answers to my lost soul. I had the most wonderful career in nursing, respected, valued and loved. But this was not reflected at home. In fact, it was the opposite. My eldest son had been diagnosed as Autistic, alongside ADHD and Tourette’s; my second marriage moving into murderous territory. I hope I’m getting across to you the pain and anguish that I was going through. I had no option but to support my family. I resigned from my beloved nursing and focused on getting Jack to the correct school that would provide for his needs and giving myself to my marriage. No way was I going to have a second failed marriage. During the quest for Jack, I too embarked on my own quest. It came to light that Jack would be my greatest teacher. My master of how to use the weight of my words to support me and other women to see and hear them [...]

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