Sam McGratty

My mission in life is to find peace 

Since being very young she knew that didn’t fit in – She was different. “I saw that as a problem” – Sam says. I didn’t understand that actually it’s a great thing to be different and it’s what makes you stand out with your own beautiful uniqueness and individuality. Today Sam feels very proud for her achievements and her goal is to inspire and empower women around the world. Her story is very profound and her personality very authentic, as she shares with us “This is 100% unapologetically me”.

You have been a millionaire in your own right, a successful entrepreneur and property developer – can you tell us more about it?

I am truly thankful to my ex husband who had enormous belief in me, far more than I had in myself at the time. I can remember talking him into buying a plot right on the waters edge in Poole Harbour. The local developers wouldn’t touch it because it was too expensive but even so we went to have a look at it and subsequently bought it. This project followed two and a half years of totally re-modernising a ten bedroom Victorian mansion on the edge of the Peak District and selling for a handsome profit. This gave my husband total faith in my gut feeling and vision that I had for this seaside development opportunity. To my delight this too turned out to be a great success and after blood, sweat and some tears from the ruins of a two bedroom bungalow, came the most breathtaking five bedroom house with infinity pool, boathouse and jetty. It was even better than I could have ever imagined and to my delight again I made a substantial profit on it. In hindsight I put my success and good fortune down to the fact that I absolutely loved what I was doing and felt hugely passionate about every project. I continued property development for some years and did very well from it. I have also had a promotional merchandising company, run a bed & breakfast and sold super yachts amongst other things!



You speak of ‘the shift’, the moment everything changed – what does this mean to you?

Since being very young I knew I didn’t fit in, that I was different and I saw that as a problem. I didn’t understand that actually it’s a great thing to be different and it’s what makes you stand out with your own beautiful uniqueness and individuality. I see my 13 year old son do it and envy his bravery and integrity for not blending in which is often so much easier to do at the time. I spent my childhood putting the layers on rather than peeling them off, I was certain I wasn’t enough as I was and tried so hard to become someone I was not! I wondered, what can I do for them to like me, how can I be pretty like the other girls, how can I be clever and be popular like the others. The voice in my head was a cruel one making me believe if I wanted any of those things I had to become someone else and try and be like the others I envied so much. I tell people it’s taken 46 years to get here and what I mean by that is now I am the real deal, authentic, this is 100% unapologetically me, no longer trying to be someone or something I’m not! I always felt I had to learn the hard way, I had to experience life lessons for myself to truly understand, heal and grow. I am certain that anyone who has been put on this earth to serve others and to make a difference in the world in their own unique way, has had a difficult and challenging past. It’s how we grow and come to understand what truly matters in life. I am no exception and have come out the other side wanting to make a positive difference and to embrace my life purpose, which is revealing itself to me.

I am no exception and have come out the other side wanting to make a positive difference and to embrace my life purpose, which is revealing itself to me.

When I got to a stage in my life when others saw me as having everything and yet I felt I had nothing, it was one of the lowest points in my life as no one could understand! She has a huge house, the fast cars and the diamonds, the holidays, and can have anything she wants, why was she so unhappy and lost? Well the answer was I felt I was living a lie, a very materialistic one that made no sense to me. Thankfully it finally dawned on me, the shift I speak about, that I had to make a huge transformation in the direction of peace, self love, mindfulness and gratitude. I found yoga, spirituality, read hundreds of self help books, went to workshops, started meditating, went to teachers, coaches and mentors, and realised there really was another way. After the decades of layers going on, now they were coming off to reveal me, just me! It has taken an enormous amount of work and self discovery and now I can honestly say I am no longer trying to be someone I am not, my heart is open and I come from a place of love.

Throughout all of this my biggest discovery was the understanding that love had to start with myself before I could truly love another or they could love me. I have transformed in the most miraculous way and I am truly grateful for my incredible journey so far… One of my many teachers is Dr Wayne Dyer, he made a film called ‘The Shift’. If you haven’t already, I urge everyone to watch it. It’s available on YouTube


You are no longer driven by money and status and you mention that you went from riches closer to rags and never felt so wealthy – can you share this experience with us?

Money makes you happy, right? Well in my past experience in many cases, wrong! Have you noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs are driven by their passion and vision and the money followed. I admire the generosity of the wealthy who, like J K Rowling, have followed their dream, made billions and given a substantial amount to charity, and the Gates, who have their foundation and give away over half of their wealth each year. There are so many selfless and generous people but there could be so many more. I have a clear vision that the reason I have experienced extreme wealth is because I am comfortable around it enabling me to approach vastly wealthy individuals, corporations and businesses to ask them for money to fund global causes. I see myself as a Robin Hood type, not quite stealing from the rich but convincing them to give to the people and communities that so desperately need it. I no longer have an unhealthy relationship with money and no longer judge people by the size of their bank balance. I lost my hugely wealthy status when I divorced, I no longer have the material status, however I do feel rich in so many other ways. I have every intention to make millions again but this time not so that I can have the latest designer wardrobe in my dressing room (that I hardly wore) or to drive a car less than two years old. No, now the money would fund worthy causes, grants, funding, education and global awareness for the need of change and how we go about it in our individual way and as a tribe or community.
You now empower others to be driven by their passion and their life purpose, helping to peel off the layers of ego, limited beliefs and patterns that do not serve their future self – whet led you to this direction?

The great knowledge and wisdom I share with others comes from having experienced it all myself.  There are no vacancies to be anything other than yourself, so please don’t try. You are so important and have your own message to share, you can’t do that without being honest, to come from integrity with your heart open and coming from love. What you give to this world you in turn get back. When my transformation started I was overwhelmed by the amazing and empowering people I was starting to attract. Life is a mirror, make sure you like your reflection and if you don’t, you have the power to change it. The bravest thing you can possibly admit to yourself is “I need to change’ and asking for help. Prepare to be stunned by the many beautiful souls who appear and are willing to help as long as you too are ready to help yourself. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’. Happiness is your choice and your responsibility, watch what changes when you choose happiness. It’s beautiful and where the transformation starts. There is always something to be grateful for, make sure you say your thankyou’s before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up. I truly believe in miracles, miracles happen to me. What’s your affirmation?
You have founded your group ‘Our Tribe’, a global community that is continually growing – what is this group about?

Everywhere I turn there are strong, brave courageous ladies who have their own amazing story of how they’ve got where they are in life and it’s always a story well worth sharing and to learn from. ‘Our Tribe’, is a supportive Women’s Business Network who have one fundamental thing in common and that is to want to be part of something bigger! To help and support each other in a safe environment that is non-judgemental, totally confidential within the group, and devoting our precious time to each other. Within Our Tribe there is no competition and it’s not about selling anything, it’s all about creating a community that supports one another to do great things. I wanted to be really selective in who is part of this and ensure we all are like-minded souls, and ask that any negative ego’s gets left at the door!! We as women are powerful already, imagine what we could do as part of a global united tribe!

What is your mission in life?

When I was at a development workshop a few years ago I was asked, “What would you do if you thought you could not fail?”. My mind filled with very powerful thoughts whilst my stomach felt like I had butterflies in it! This is what I wrote: “Creating a worldwide support network to inspire and empower men and women to achieve their dreams and ambitions beyond their wildest expectations. Illuminating their pathways and causing a massive ripple effect of love, positivity, happiness, peace and gratitude everywhere, resulting in each and every one of us being the change we want to see in the world”. I still have that vision and feel I am getting closer to it in all that I am doing.  My mission in life is to find peace, to come from love and to always be the best I possibly can be at that time and even better the next. There are many women I look up to, including Mother Theresa, Jane Goodall, Maya Angelou, Oprah, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana. They have made such a difference to the world with their devotional service and I hope with all my heart that I too can be the change I want see in the world, like these and so many men and women do.