Keshelle Davis

I Live Life Empowered 

Keshelle is an entrepreneur/businesswoman, master trainer, financial literacy expert, executive, author, wife and mother, agent of change, daughter and friend. In a professional sense, she is the founder and CEO of the Training Authority – a leading corporate, business and personal success training development company in the Bahamas and the Executive Director of the Chamber Institute, the education arm of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation. Keshelle wears a lot more business hats as well and in this interview you will discover more about her.


Have you discovered yet what is your purpose and mission in your life?

Yes, to teach, train and empower and inspire people to build skills, create wealth and live the life they dream about.

What motivates you to wake up every day and follow your dreams?

My passion is for the work I do, the fact that I know the impact my work has on people’s lives and the realisation that failure is not an option.

How much have your dreams changed since you were a child?

Not much actually. Growing up I remember wanting to be a teacher (my father was a teacher) but I never wanted it to be in the traditional classroom sense. I never knew what that meant until I got older…now I teach and train across all markets. I always remember wanting to live the life I read about or watched on television. That always had to do with doing and having whatever I desired, having wealth, being fulfilled and travelling.


You are now a successful businesswoman contributing for society and helping many businesses to grow – what is the impact you are creating in the world?

As a master trainer, I make a significant living helping people build confidence, skills and mastery in one or more areas of their lives and they go along to do a variety of things with those new skills. However, I believe my greatest impact is helping people reach their fullest potential, and passionately, and peruse the life of their dreams

How did your business start – what made you follow the entrepreneurship path?

Growing up I always valued and wanted ‘freedom’ – the ability to work and live as I wanted, to be my own boss… I hated being told what to do. My first entrepreneurial endeavours started in ‘Junior Achievement’. By the time I had my first job as a banker I also ran a part-time business selling silver jewellery called ‘Kay’s Sterling Silver’ around the age of 17 or 18. Ever since then I was connected to business and I’ve been intensively involved in the start-up or growth of more than ten businesses. Entrepreneurship is what I live and what I do.

What is your opinion about the role of women in the world?

Through my role as Executive Director of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Institute and member of the board, I sit in a room that showcases an 80+ year old organisation with pictures of leaders on the wall who are all men except for two women. That disturbs me often when I look at it and I see it play out in all areas of life as well. Particularly in the field of business, where I spend my time, more women need to aspire to and capture the top leadership roles. Around the business table, there are boards that I sit on and work as the only female. Women are generally professionally investing in themselves more today. There are more women in the college classrooms and seminar tables, yet there are far less women in leadership roles compared to men. Nevertheless, business leadership for women must continue to grow and I believe those currently in top roles must be role models and mentors for other women to follow.




How difficult is it for a woman to achieve the right the balance between family and career?

Can women have both? It is very difficult. I experience this on a personal level and work with or talk to women in this situation almost daily. However, difficulty doesn’t mean that it is impossible. I truly believe a woman can have both a family and career. It just takes a focus on being intentional every day with the choices made. She must also recognise that while having both, she cannot do it all herself. She has to make a decision to get the help she needs while focusing on the most important areas that require her involvement. This realisation came for me over time, I’ve only been married for two and a half years but I have a daughter aged sixteen. When I gave up trying to be ‘superwoman’ and ‘perfect’, I was more successful in my roles.

What is your vision for the next 10 years?

Business-wise, to build one of the world’s leading, recognised and respected names in business/success training and personal growth. Purpose-wise, to touch the lives of as many people through education. I see myself bringing global recognition to my country.