Yvonne Thompson I like to show others that anything they can see, they can achieve  Yvonne started the first black owned PR company, ASAP Communications, ran the first in-depth analysis of black community lifestyle in the UK, and set up the UK’s first Black Women Business Network. She was awarded a CBE (Commander Of The British Empire) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List  in 2003 for “her services to women, small business and minorities.” Yvonne serves on many boards, chairs committees and is recognized worldwide. YVONNE THOMPSON     What led you to quitting your job and starting your own business in PR? Lack of the opportunity to progress led me to starting my own PR company. I knew I was good, I knew I was able to stand in for the head of the department when they were not there, but when it came to giving me the opportunity to prove myself it just never happened. I thought the only way for me to move up is to move out. If I can do it for them I can do it for me. I handed in my notice, had a good cry…then left the company 3 weeks later. You’ve started the first black-owned PR company, the UK’s first Black Music Radio station, and the UK’s first Black Women Business Network, among other things. How have your experiences as a black woman inspired you to achieve all these milestones? 30 years ago there were still a lot of opportunities to be had. There was no legal radio station for black music. The opportunity came up and I grasped it. I could see the niche that had not been filled in the PR market and I grabbed that opportunity. There was no w [...]

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