Mikkel Juel Iversen I see every female as my sisterdia By Lena Zechner It was one particular encounter that sparked off a life-changing series of events for Mikkel Juel Iversen. Initially establishing a career in the financial business sector, he was eventually introduced to meditation and the world of films in his late twenties. Overnight Mikkel experienced the power of meditation which provided him with the ability to cast off his medical afflictions of the last few years. After improving his mental wellbeing, Mikkel dared to step into the film business where he found himself happier than he had been in other previous occupations. He now found himself in a position to combine his interest in finance with his fascination for films and mobilising communities for good causes – including setting up the campaign “Under One Sky” to fight the social exclusion of the homeless. By working on his own business ideas to kick-start positive social change he was thus able to avoid his childhood apprehension about spending his life on monotonous activities. Over the years plenty of supporters have joined Mikkel to successfully support his mission to empower and inspire fellow humans. The following interview finds out more about Mikkel’s approach to helping others with more empathy and why we he believes we sometimes take life far too seriously!   Why did you pursue a career in the filmmaking business? Though I’ve always loved to tell stories I was never a film buff. In my late 20’s I’d become disillusioned with my career in the financial sector. It was not worki [...]

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