Inge Mous Cooperation is preferable but is challenged by the pressures of competition By Nika Jazaee Inge Mous is an award winning serial entrepreneur and politician. She owns nine businesses and brands in the Netherlands as well as abroad. She is an international speaker on topics such as communication and performance. Inge interviewed the British multi-millionaire Michelle Mone about this subject and is eager to elaborate on working with women in 2017 under the name: “Women of Power and Change”. As a result of her career as a successful mediator, advisor and coach, in which she is always looking for ways to help and inspire other people, she felt that she could actually serve people better in a politically engaged position, as she discovered in her role as chairman of a committee in a large Dutch bank. Besides her political activities she is now the leader of an international business club, helping fellow entrepreneurs in finding their way up. Tell me about your childhood and where you grew up? I grew up in Zeeland, a rural area along the sea in the south west of the Netherlands. As a real Dutchy every day I had to bike for two hours to high school. To describe who I was then and who I am today, I stick to the assumption that one third of the person you are is defined by your genes, one third is formed by socialisation through the family and the environment you grew up in and one third you can influence yourself. So in my genes I am a happy, optimistic person with a positive self-image. Outgoing, interested in music, acting and writing, with a caring nature to assure [...]

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