Linda Rama I consider myself lucky to live with the prime minister By Mirela Sula  Photo credit: Blerta Kambo I knew of Linda Rama a long time ago. I used to follow her with admiration for the amazing work that she was doing as an activist on human rights issues and civil society, particularly those focused on children and women’s rights. Before she became the wife of the Albanian prime minister she had invested a lot in her personal and professional development and achieved a lot in life. A woman that was a role model for many others, especially in a small country like Albania which has been isolated for many years under the communist regime. In this exclusive interview for Global Woman magazine, Linda Rama has shared her profound story, which is so inspiring. While talking with her it felt like it was not only her story but it belonged to many other Albanian women who have lived the experience of that period.  Behind her words and message I could see myself, my mother and many others that can resonate when they read this. A powerful woman like Linda Rama, who at the same time is so humble and modest, can show all of us that being vulnerable sometimes is the magic where we can find the power that we need. I am very honoured and privileged to share this interview with the Global Woman community and the whole world, as this gives me the opportunity to show a little reality of my country from the past, the present and what it can be.    You were born in a small country which was isolated for a long time, how has this impacted you and your path as a woman? I do n [...]

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