Bindar Dosanjh I created my ideal reality through property Bindar Dosanjh is an award winning property entrepreneur, property mentor, international speaker and a family lawyer. Read her amazing story of how she went from an upbringing in poverty to becoming a highly successful family lawyer, suffering a traumatic event, then losing almost everything financially but bouncing back to achieving a several million-pounds portfolio through property investment. You lived in a small house with four other siblings and you didn’t have a television until you turned fourteen. Can you tell me more about your upbringing? Life was hard and growing up we didn’t have much money. We wore second-hand clothes and shoes. It was a bit more relaxed for my younger brother and sister, but myself and my other sister had a strict Indian upbringing. I remember us having a black and white TV and it was a luxury and very exciting when we first had our colour TV around the age of fifteen. I still remember my parents hiring an old VHS video recorder and we would watch Indian movies all night and return the recorder the next day as we were unable to afford to buy it outright. My parents moved to Birmingham from India. My dad came to the UK in 1957 and my mum followed him in 1964. Neither had an education or were able to read or write. They were from a farming background and what they knew was to work hard and to strive to be the best that you can be. Both my parents worked in the factories as labourers. Dad was very careful with his money as he wanted his children to have a better quality of life than [...]

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