The power of my faith has kept me strong  Michelle Raymond BY Nika Jazaee Michelle Raymond is running the successful HR and Coaching business called The People’s Partner, working with people who want to change or move up the ladders in their careers. Michelle has had to go through some challenging times in her personal life that needed her to find an inner strength to get through them together with her little daughter. Read more about how she found love again and is today coaching and changing other people’s lives every day.  What was your biggest dream growing up as a little girl and why? My biggest dream growing up was to be a journalist. I know, not the most glamorous of jobs but I loved the idea of reporting something exciting, new, informative and sharing good news with others. I used to be a pretty good writer when I was young and decided that I would be a freelance journalist which would work nicely alongside my studies. I was attending the London Guildhall University at the time. I always wanted to be a part of the elite gang … those that were listened to, and when I saw an advert that there was to be an award ceremony which celebrated the achievements of multicultural people, held in the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, I knew I had to be there. I remember calling the offices of the organisers and saying that I was a freelance journalist and would love to cover the story for my local newspaper, which at the time was the Newshopper. Surprisingly, the events person sent me a press pass and I was able to attend. I remember so vividly walking around in my ba [...]

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