Jin Zhi My mission is to serve others in my own unique way Jin Zhi is a multinational business, investment and property development magnate. She grew up in China, a country where in Jin’s words. “To be able to have free choices is a luxury”. Her father was waiting for a boy to be born, but Jin was the fourth girl out of five sisters. When Jin was born her grandfather said that she was different and this followed Jin through her life. Her story is about how she went from a modest girl to building her own transnational empire in business and travelling the world today.     Tell us about the place where you grew up and your upbringing. I grew up in northwest China where a number of religions and cultures coexisted, I was sensitive towards different human behaviours under external stresses including religious, geographical and political influences. As a boy everybody was expecting when I was born, in an army hospital near where my father was stationed, I was the fourth daughter of my father’s five children who are all girls. My grandfather, a highly respected man who travelled half of the world when it was torn by many wars in the early twentieth century, looked at me and said: “This one is different”. The same man said to his only surviving son after the civil war, who is my father: “I have nothing left for you but a straight spine”. This phrase my father told me many times, along with the stories of how almost every generation of his family had travelled the world despite many obstacles, and their contribution to the community no matter what life threw [...]

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