Keidi Pushi  I am aligned with influential artists, innovators and leaders Keidi Pushi is a coach, healer and collaborator. As a trained master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & Life coaching and Nutrition Science, she brings the tools and skills to cause a new personal and healthy collective reality. A huge lover of dancing, music and art, Keidi believes celebrations can involve the healthiest foods, heavenly massages and healing treatments that boost long-term vitality and even more dancing. She is known as a brilliant light, connecting various communities.  What can you tell us about where you grew up and your journey as a young girl? I grew up in the mountains of Berat, Albania, until I was seven and then emigrated to Toronto, Canada. It was a huge adjustment, as I left all of my beloved family and friends. Looking back at those early years and until the end of my teenage years, I stumbled a lot to find what made me happy. I had a lot of passion that I didn’t know how to channel, it often came out as rage, frustration and confusion – anger that I released on my close family and often in negative self-talk towards myself. There is a stigma around mental illness and unconventional paths and I suffered a lot within myself because I did not enjoy mainstream education and I was having thoughts of suicide. Perhaps this came from feeling the suffering of those around me – my parents, peers and the world at large. My ability to feel so deeply, enabled my emotions to take me on wild rides. I come from a very [...]

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