Penelope Magoulianiti I want to leave my children a legacy they are proud of By Nika Jazaee Penelope Magoulianiti is an author and entrepreneur based in Cyprus, running two businesses. In order to keep sharing her ideas and create positive discussions, she created workshops and is giving many talks. Penelope is also one of the co-founders of YinAlithea Cyprus Women’s Conference, as well as the creator of online programmes. One of your mottos is “Don’t be afraid to dream. Dare to work on your dreams and just take action.” Can you tell me about your dreams as a young girl? As a young girl, I grew up wanting to become a teacher. I remember having my brother and two nieces sitting in front of a “teaching” board while I was delivering the lesson of the day. It was my big dream and when I’ve finally managed to achieve it by passing the exams and gaining a position in the university, I decided to become a banker instead! When I was 15 years old my family went bankrupt. My parents couldn’t afford to send me to the university so I decided to start working at a bank while working a second job during the evenings and studying at the same time. I got my degree in BSc Finance from the University of Manchester after doing this for eight years. I’ve never regretted following this root, because this is what made me become who I am today. And if you think about it, I have become a teacher; a personal development one and I am really enjoying it. Why did you write the book “Women, Motherhood and Independence”? When I became a mother for the first time in 2007 I used to [...]

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