Heleniq Argyrou I want to help women reach the highest excellence Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential for female professionals. She is a clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organisational trainer and facilitator, with a specialty in neuroscience and peak performance.  What were your childhood infuences? I was born in Zimbabwe and then grew up in South Africa. I lived most hours after school with my gran, who cooked great Greek food for us, and my grandfather, who drove me to all my dance classes. You see, I always wanted to dance, a dream my mother helped me make a reality so I registered for six classes a week. From her, and my dad, very inspired and hardworking people who built an empire from nothing, I learned about drive. This power of dance and drive were key factors for my strong direction in life. What is your biggest inspiration? When I was on stage and in the flow of the movement, my strongest memory always was how it felt when the pulse and the beat of the music would come in. I loved that it felt so powerful, so committed, and from this I got all of my life’s inspiration. I think this pulse of life, this primordial beat of existence, is what merged me with my personal development and ultimate spiritual journey to become a seeker of truth, to understand and to serve the awakening of our planet. Why did you start with music? My grandfather took me to piano lessons for most my childhood. This, together with tap classes, did something to deepen my understanding of life. Tap was fascina [...]

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