Lynda Cormier-Hanser Love is everything – it is an energy, a force and its power is infinite By Nika Jazaee Lynda was born and raised in southern California, to a close knit family that gave her a happy childhood and the positive mindset that she approaches anything in life or business with today. Bilingual in Spanish and English, she still has a close relationship with her mother of 93, who came to the US from Nicaragua. The love that Lynda experienced in her upbringing has made her a very loving person today, not just with her husband and children but with everyone that she meets. Today with her husband she runs multiple businesses, including GIA, an international wellness company that has achieved great success. Some of the profits are used to fund an initiative she is very passionate about, which is personal development for teens and young adults. Lynda will be joining 10 other women in Hollywood in October, to speak on stage, launch a co-authored book, and be part of a documentary film for PBS TV, titled ‘Phenomenal Global Women’.   Where did you grow up and what is one of your strongest memories of childhood? I feel so grateful to have been brought up in Southern California in the beautiful quiet community of Palos Verdes.  Whenever I think of any childhood memories, my family always comes to mind. Whether it’s my mom, dad, sister, grandmother, nine aunts and uncles or my 27 first cousins, they were all a permanent fixture in my life. We were always together on weekends, and our home was the usual gathering place. My mother is from Nicaragua or [...]

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