Mark Sephton Women today are independent, focused and making an impact By Nika Jazaee  Mark started off his entrepreneur career at the age of 27. He has a long experience in the entrepreneurial industry and is currently writing for Entrepreneur Magazine and has released his second book ‘Plot Twist’. You can also find him speaking business on his latest radio show ‘Talk Business’ for Radio Plus Coventry. He is currently working on an online platform and an online show with co-presenter Natalie Crawford. Mark tells us here about his belief of how we change what is happening on the outside by changing our inward dialogue.   When did you first realise that you are an entrepreneur? It’s an interesting question. I speak about whether entrepreneurs are born or made in my book, Inside Job. I talk a lot about having the right environment to birth that entrepreneurial gene. I believe, as human beings, we all have an entrepreneurial spirit within us, but this doesn’t always mean we’re all entrepreneurs. Just as a butterfly started out as a caterpillar, becoming an entrepreneur requires the right environment and culture to be able to go through the necessary metamorphosis. Not all caterpillars turn into butterflies and not all human beings will have the right opportunity, environment or culture to be an entrepreneur. I must admit the word “entrepreneur” is brandished around quite a bit. The definition of the word includes being a risk taker or bearer of risk. We could get hung up on the definition, and we often do get hung up on titles and positions. I a [...]

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