How should I deal with the competition in my business? By John Lee Dear Global Woman, Thanks for your question… competition is a topic that I am often asked about and one that I have, over the years, considered in depth. Seeking some ‘blue-sky’ style inspiration I Googled ‘famous quotes about competition in business’ to see what came up. What was pretty interesting is that when I added ‘by men’ it stuck to the business quotes and when I added in ‘by women’ it included a load of quotes about women being in competition with one another, which I thought was really interesting and a great place to start. For anyone in business, some might say worry about the competition, others will believe that the competition only exists if you allow it to. There is a catch-phrase for every aspect of the business process. But for women in particular, whilst some women seek to support their fellow female entrepreneurs and success stories, others will not. And knowing the difference between the friends and the foes in business is a very useful lesson to learn. And one that develops over time as you grow a more resistant emotional shell. For me personally, I don’t worry about the competition. The personal and professional development industry can be aggressive and competitive but this helps us grow as individuals and businesses. The ‘NO’ acronym is really easy to remember and one that any aspiring success story should live by. “JUST SAY NO!” As follows:- “JUST SAY NO!” N          NICHE, NICHE, NICHE. In a world of ever-competing businesses, really take t [...]

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