Dafina Rama Turning my social media passion into a business to help others  Dafina Rama is a social media specialist helping entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business and brand online. She believes that in the digital era we are living in today, it is imperative to have an online presence. With the array of platforms available and new features arriving daily she believes that it can be overwhelming and many people do not know where to start. Dafina is building strategies and structures for her clients in order to develop and manage their online brand. With her focus on revenue she is acting as a strategic partner to create marketing campaigns that deliver value and ROI. Her aim is to help clients with great ideas to get their message out there in the right way, so that they can start making a difference to others.   Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? It is not easy to talk about yourself and the way you know yourself is different from the way other people know you. I’ve always had a positive attitude towards myself, people and the world, and I consider myself to be an optimistic person. I believe in a better future, a future that I can contribute every day with my work and relationships that I build with others. I am presently working full time as an Executive Assistant to a CEO in a big organisation but my biggest passion and dream is to grow my own business. I am a very open minded person and I always learn from others. I see so many women empowering themselves and changing their lives and I believe that I can do the same. Starting my [...]

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