My Experience with Phenomenal Global Women in Hollywood By Nika Jazaee I have been working as a full-time journalist, media coordinator and videographer for the Global Woman Platform. I came to London four years ago to pursue a career in journalism/media, a childhood dream of mine. It took some courage to leave behind my established life in Gothenburg, Sweden and move by myself to London. I met Mirela Sula back in 2016 through my aunt, who had been invited to a big Migrant Woman event, which spoke to me in waves, as I am myself born and raised in Sweden, originally from Iran. Mirela Sula took me under her wings and I have been working closely with her and her mission until today. Being passionate about story telling and the camera, it was a natural decision that I would go to Hollywood as the camera person for the Phenomenal Global Woman project and record the experience day by day. in order to produce a background documentary on each one of us and the feelings going around between us. Ten women were selected to be filmed for a show to be broadcast on PBS TV in LA, produced by Darla Boone. Mirela had met Darla earlier in the year while filiming for a documentary about Dr. Ervin Laszlo, a Hungarian philospher, and twice nominated for a Nobel prize. We met up with Giovan Vega, a Peruvian from Holland, Connie-Lee Bennett, a South African from France, Bindar Dosanjh of Indian heritage from London, Gema Ramirez, Spanish, living in Spain and England, Laura Timm, and Estonian living in London, Keidi Pushi, an Albanian from Canada, Robbie Mathews from Chicago, and Lynda Cormier [...]

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