Robbie Mathews Take control of your finances: Know your numbers Robbie Mathews has 40 years of Information Technology development and management experience within the retail and financial services industry. She is today a succesful entrepreneur, an empowering international speaker and Certified Life Coach and real estate investor. She grew up as a child without a real home and became a single mother when she was only 14. Today Robbie is running a business that aims to solve bad money habits by applying structures to motivate and empower people to make the right financial choices, as she believes that the need to educate yourself on financial management is the first step to a succesful life. In an era where people end up with many debts, you have a great mission in this life to advise and inspire people to spend money in the right way – but first, please let us know how things were for you growing up in your family? Well, I didn’t grow up in a ”traditional” family with the mom and dad and white picket fence. I was more of an urban gypsy child. My mother worked as a seamstress for most of my childhood. I never really had a home of our own with my mom. We lived with relatives and friends. We lived in 11 different places and I attended 8 different schools that I can remember by the time I was sixteen. She was also an avid gambler. My early memories consist of spending virtually every weekend watching my mother and her gambling group play cards. They would rotate to different houses each week. They would play cards from Friday evening through to Sunday evening. I would [...]

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