Charlotte Hågård Surround yourself with supportive and positive people, fire the negatives. By Fati Gorezi Charlotte has guided tens of thousands of people to build their personal brand and find an inspiring and fulfilling work life. She worked in PR and marketing in the USA and Australia as a PR consultant and in 1992 became an entrepreneur, founding Newstart, which pioneered the career industry in Sweden.After being contacted by an American journalist looking for a CV/resume expert and discovering that it was through her LinkedIn profile that was at the top of the search page, Charlotte decided to become a LinkedIn expert. Charlotte now runs three companies; Newstart, one of the leading Swedish companies in outplacement, career coaching, change management and leadership training. Active Choice, where she writes, produces, markets and sells her own books, e-books and her new passion – online courses. Her new company, Social Branding Group, is a global digital company, offering online services for personal and employer branding with focus on LinkedIn. Charlotte is also a bestselling author of eight books in the Career and Personal branding field. Her latest book and e-course ‘Stand out on LinkedIn!’ – Create business and career success” has been a huge hit in Sweden. Charlotte shares her experience and some tips with us. How do you remember the beginning of your career? The beginning of my career was a bit of a searchperiod. I was looking for my call in life and had been inspired by travelling, living and working in countries like the USA and Australia. [...]

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