Never let other people frame your narrative about yourself and the world  By Fati Gorezi Ivana Bartoletti is originally from Italy, moved to London in 2008 and lives with her husband and two children. Ivana is very passionate about politics, feminism and how we use the information that is gathered through so many forms with continual advances in technology. She is chair of the Fabian Women’s Network and has stood as a Labour candidate to be a Member of the European Parliament and also for the Greater London Assembly. In this insightful interview, Ivana shares her views about gender equality, men’s role in supporting women, feminism, and how artificial intelligence is, or should be used. What does being a global woman mean to you? Being a global woman means realising that women’s rights are far from being fully achieved – and that we’re all sisters in fighting for them. Women’s movements are key to achieve change for everyone, here in Britain and everywhere in the world. We live in very dangerous and difficult times, and we are at risk of seeing the clock turned back. Nationalisms, protectionisms and racisms are on the rise everywhere with claims of building walls instead of bridges across peoples, continents and cultures. For women, this is particularly worrying: as populism rises, gender equality risks going backwards. Sadly, it is always women who are hardest hit, especially as our bodies tend to be used as weapons and battlegrounds. Being a global woman means not allowing this new emerging narrative to take place. We must stop this, and continue the fight f [...]

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