Stephanie Pastucha Follow your dream. Believe in yourself and change your world for the better By Fati Gorezi Stephanie grew up in Germany in a small city named Wuppertal. She finished school after the 10th grade and has two completed educations as a foreign language assistant and foreign trade clerk. When she was 16 her life changed because of an accident that occurred in Italy at a port. Today she knows that her accident gave her the purpose of her life and she wants to share her experience and inspire others with her story, because her bad experience in life has actually made her stronger. She started her own Coaching business to help others to overcome obstacles in their life as well as a Cryptocurrency Investor. How do you remember your early life as a young girl? Remembering the early times of my life makes me smile. I was very confident about myself, enjoyed my childhood, I had big dreams that directed my acting and motivations. I was in love with modelling and dancing. At the age of 16, however, an accident changed my life completely and abruptly. I suffered three heavy incinerations that only slowly healed over time. As a result of those, my self-confidence suffered, and I didn’t like my body anymore and felt ugly. A real crisis arose; and it took me years to overcome that phase. I had to learn incredibly hard, that if you are not happy with yourself because of an imbalance between heart, body and soul, it is very hard to live a good balanced life. So, I was torn between the dreams of a real princess and the swinging doors of female hell. My dreams got smaller, [...]

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