Olga Balakleets  Inspiring, Creating and Organising for Success By Gulia Lucci  Olga Balakleets is the CEO of an international events company called ‘Ensemble Productions’ and a Founder of several annual cultural and philanthropic initiatives worldwide. Olga also acts as an advisor to a number of governmental organisations. Throughout her many years of organising ambitious events she has been passionate about creating inspiring and meaningful experiences and promoting successful female entrepreneurs. This has led her to establishing the “Creative Women International Conference” which takes place every May in Cyprus and other international locations. Tell us about your childhood and what has shaped you into who you are today? I was born in the south of Russia and started piano lessons quite early which required lots of work and discipline from a very young age. I was also exposed to people’s attention from my early childhood and I started performing on stage early in my life too. That’s when my engagement with people started. Later, while I continued my studies at the ‘Conservatory’ in St Petersburg, I was asked to lead the concert student’s department, and this is when my organising skills were required. I had to find student musicians who were willing to perform in schools and universities, hospitals and factories and sometimes in places absolutely unsuited to concerts. I loved doing that job and in fact since then I have never stopped organising different kinds of events. Even back then it was challenging but I loved it and managed to succeed. L [...]

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