Stella Bida- Building a Belgian Business By Fati Gorezi  Stella Bida is an entrepreneur, business owner and native from the Central African Republic. She is currently living in Brussels after having the chance to live in other countries in Africa, Europe, and in the US. She studied IT Engineering in Paris and Cameroon. For the past five years, she has been running a successful consulting business and, given that most businesses close in a year, she has proven that when we focus on what matters the most, results follow. Before she launched her business, she worked for one of the top banks in Brussels. Today she owns multiple businesses: a) ‘Happy Clients = Higher Profits’ b) ‘Le Succès des Coiffeuses’ (Hairdressers’ success) which provides guidance to hairdressers who want to become successful entrepreneurs and c) ‘Innovation. Strategy. Results’ where the objective is to help corporate companies to manage the launch of their innovative and ‘disruptive’ digital solutions. How did you start your journey as an entrepreneur? Since a young age I have always been attracted by stepping into chaotic situations and finding a solution to everything. Without knowing it, I was already an entrepreneur! My full entrepreneurial journey started in Belgium after a few years as an employee for corporate companies. I was working in the digital project management domain, mainly in the banking sector, for international companies. I was attracted by the challenging environment, but I felt I wanted to be in control of my own career and my growth. What I was looking for was [...]

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