3 Easy and Effective Tools for Better Focus with Power Flow Yoga “The power to disengage our attention from one thing and move it to another is essential for well-being” – D. Goleman By Jasmina Paul London is a busy place and has a very dynamic, powerful energy about it. I have noticed that most of my clients feel best connected to a dynamic yoga practice and enjoy it’s physical benefits, such as increased flexibility and challenge to go deeper into yoga poses (asanas). Power Flow Yoga is a creative yoga sequence that is based on Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, which is simply put, breathing with movement. When practiced with focus and dedication, this style of yoga feels very powerful because you are ‘flowing’ through poses with strength and grace, never knowing what to expect next. It’s adventurous and challenging yet calming and restorative. The purpose of flow practice is for internal detox. Breathing and movement together makes the blood hot, and encourages your body to be cleansed of toxins. Thick blood is ‘polluted’ and can cause various diseases in the body. With power flow yoga we create the heat naturally, without assisted help of a heated studio. In turn, your body works to clean the blood and makes it thin, so that it may circulate freely and remove impurities through sweat. “It is only through sweat that disease leaves the body and purification occurs” (Sharath Jois) 3 Powerful Tools of Yoga Flow Practice Tool 1: Drishti – Power of Focus Dristhi is where you focus your eyes while in the yoga pose. In the Ashtanga yoga practice, there is a pr [...]

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