Ask Chrissy/ 7 ways to manage your time better Hi Chrissy. I’m young, ambitious and full of energy. However, I’m a little concerned about my time management as sometimes, I don’t get as much done as I’d like to. I look up to you and other successful women and wonder how you manage to have time to do all the things that you do. Could you let me into your time management secrets? Bianca Hi Bianca Great question and I wish I had a magic formula to share with you. I have to say that I wasn’t great at managing my time in the past but have learnt so many things over the years that have helped me. I do get it wrong from time to time, especially when unexpected things crop up but generally, I’ve gotten pretty good at maximising my time and learned through trial and error, so here are a few things you can try… Keep your house and office clean, tidy and organised This might sound obvious but it really makes a world of difference. I can’t think straight when there is mess or clutter around me. When everything is clean and tidy, I think better, I feel calmer and work faster. Get rid of all clutter including old papers, magazines, empty containers, boxes, etc. in both your home and office. Streamline your wardrobe by throwing out or donating clothes you’re not wearing anymore and organise your wardrobe. E.g. I have my clothes on identical hangers and they are organised by type, so all my trousers are together, skirts and dresses together, jackets and cardigans together and so on, and each type of clothing is organised by colour, so picking outfits is fast and [...]

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