Samantha Renke Paving the way for people with disabilities to live out their dreams On first meeting Samantha Renke I was mesmerised by her charm and positive attitude. Samantha has a brittle bone condition and is using her acting skills to engage the public in having a greater understanding of disabilities, on screen and through projects with the Scope charity. Samantha originates from Lancashire and currently resides in Shoreditch London.  By Rebeca Riofrio   Tell us about your background and how it leads to the work you do today? I did not set out to pursue a career in acting, in fact I originally studied French, German and Sociology at the University of Lancaster. I then did my Post Graduate Certificate in secondary education and worked in a secondary school for two years after graduation. Alongside my teaching I became a trustee for the Brittle Bone Society, a charity very dear to my heart, as this is the condition I have. I was volunteering as a trustee for six years, and really felt as though I wanted to explore the world of charity, in particular, fundraising on a permanent and non voluntary basis. I took the drastic decision to leave my rural home town in Lancashire, and move to the capital London. I volunteered at Action for Children for some time but found it difficult to find a permanent employment in the charity sector. By chance I was invited to a house warming party and the host and many guests worked in the film industry. Max Barber (producer and director) approached me about a film concept that would have me as the lead protagonist. I’ve always [...]

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