Dr Ervin Laszlo Following The New Paradigm By Mirela Sula  When I met Ervin for the first time, I remember that I was very nervous. I had read a lot about him, including his huge number of books and for me it was one of the biggest meetings in my life. I was going to meet one of the greatest philosophers of our time. At that stage I didn’t know how much this influential man was going to impact on my life forever. The meeting with him and his amazing wife Carita has in fact totally changed my life. After spending one exclusive week in their villa in Tuscany I was not the same person any more. That was the beginning of my new journey in the search of the New Paradigm, which followed with the Global Woman Summit only one year later. And 2017 will get off to a great start in January with a trip to California, to be a part of the film/movie dedicated to Ervin and his Nobel Peace Prize nominated work for humanity. This exclusive interview with him will reveal more. You are one of the greatest philosophers of our times and have a huge wisdom within you – how important is it for you to share this gift with the world? I am basically an egocentric person. I ask questions that I want to have answered. If I find that the answers could help or benefit others in some ways, I want to share them. That’s my moral duty – and one that I find a great deal of satisfaction in following. I am essentially, as Aristotle said (and as we all are) a social being and my life is part of the lives of those around me. You started your career as an artist and after achieving succes [...]

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