A healthy generation needs a good balance of male and female models    Bianka Meçaj is a PhD student in Particle Physicist, research assistant in Particle Physics. She is originally from Albania, but living and studying in many countries in a short period of time, affording her such a powerful expanding life experience at a very young age. She has travelled to give talks on her research field to several conferences around the world like California, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, interacting with some very bright minds in the world of Physics. Science, healthy education and empowerment of women in science are topics very close to her heart. Her desire is not only to see more females that pursue scientific careers, but also see those who already are part of the scientific community thrive in an environment where women feel comfortable showing their brilliance and also BE women.  You are a research assistant in Particle Physics and passionate about women empowerment in science. How would you describe your journey?  Despite the opinions I would hear about the difficulties and very little prospects of a career in Science, I decided to edge all that out and follow my gut. So I started studying Physics at the University of Tirana in 2012. I was studying Physics because that was the subject I knew I really enjoyed studying. I had no idea what to expect from the science environment for the years to come. And as it always happens when you follow your heart’s desires, the rest of the journey is a story. I ended up from the modest scientific environment of the Univer [...]

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