ABIGAIL BRUCE was born and raised American, of a Danish mother and Cajun father, and having lived in over thirty places in three countries, her feet and her imagination rarely stop. Abigail came to the UK nearly twenty years ago with her British husband, having lived north, south and central, and enjoyed every bit of it. However, her heart found peace in the French countryside where her three children were born and lifetime like-minded friendships blossomed. As eye-opening as parenting is, her experience in a tiny village surrounded by forest forced her to see young motherhood in the purest of eyes. Abigail feels lucky to have had the opportunity to remove her capitalist coat for a while and pull on a socialist jumper. Here, her imagination was free to explore new territory, and share unique experiences with her young children. However, the day arrived when business called, and entrepreneurship beckoned. This is where she found out that her beautiful jumper was in fact, wool, and someone had thrown it into the hot wash cycle and tumble dryer. You have moved several times starting your life from the beginning. How has this has shaped you as a person? Moving at a young age, or any age, is very difficult. No amount of thinking, talking or planning can prepare you for the emotional trauma of leaving behind your home and neighbours. There is a great sadness driving away from a life that you know and love, even knowing that you are beginning a new adventure. Having moved numerous times when I was young, I learned to handle new situations with confidence. I always had feelings of [...]

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