Anna Jois Taking It To The Better Business Stage By Gulia Lucci Anna Jois is a Speaker, Coach and Singer from Stockholm. She is the founder and CEO at “Level Up Business”, a Company that helps small entrepreneurs to get more customers, better results and to attract more media and publicity! ‘Level Up Business’ provides coaching, mentoring and training services to independent people as well as owners of small businesses. Tell me about your business and why you started your business in Stockholm? It’s the most wonderful thing to run your own business. I have a couple of Companies that I run, only from passion. Especially my most recent brand; “LEVEL UP INNOVATION”, that helps employees and leaders take themselves to the next level in business. I started working at age 13 selling newspapers with my two brothers. Even then I was already curious about the grown-up world of business. My curiosity taught me many lessons over the years and took me further towards all my life goals so far. I have always been an innovative girl and I came up with different ways to earn my own money in “my own way”.  I started singing at talent shows at a very young age, but I was very shy. My mom made me practice a lot on stage even though I was afraid of the stage. I’m very thankful for that now. Now that I see the stage as my second home. One day, in my twenties, when I sang at a wedding ceremony, the bride asked me afterwards if I could come and sing at their Company party three months later. I said, ‘Yes, of course’ and then she told me that I could sent [...]

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