Three essential and simple practices to make the most out of your time and be more organized By Patty Cruz-Fouchard If there is one resource we all know is limited – it is time. There are 52 weeks in a year, seven days in a week and 24 hours in a day; during which we strive to achieve our goals, responsibilities and basic needs. No one or nothing can extend time (although, wouldn’t it be great if we could?). Knowing we all have limited time available, how do we ensure we utilise it in the most productive way? How do we get the important things done and avoid burn out? How do we make sure we are using our energy wisely and focus on what matters? By implementing in your routine the following three practices – you will increase the chances of actually getting things done effectively and efficiently.       1. Prioritise Prioritisation is the ability to distinguish what really matters from what may seem interesting but does not necessarily contribute to our vision. The way to identify what really needs our attention, is to examine your to-do-list and ask yourself the following questions for each item you have in it: What are the implications of not doing/doing this activity? What does it mean to me or to my organization to do/not do this activity? What activities are more aligned with my vision? What activities require more investment? (i.e. resources, effort, time) After going through your list of activities and responsibilities, group them by how important it is to get them done: High Priority, Medium Priority, Low Priority – consider deadlines too when going thro [...]

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