Awareness is the key to empower your life forever By Fatima Gorezi  Mik Moves is sailor captain, professional coach and counsellor, and water whisperer. Blending her exceptional gifts with gained skills throughout the years, she founded MikMoves® to offer exclusive sailing retreats to change-makers in business and organisations.  With her remarkable capacities and practical insights, she effectively and comfortably takes her clients beyond their comfort zone and help them to reach their full potential. Finding their own truths, her clients can choose to either create an authentic life or manifest innovative projects and business ventures or even end up having both. Mik uses her capacity with water to enhance consciousness on the planet and facilitates the progress of the participants during the sailing retreats.  In addition, she uses her outstanding ability to tune into one’s universe and flawlessly touch on the pain points and teach how to release limiting beliefs in a gentle yet lasting effective way. Living the nomad life, free from the system, she is an inspiration and non-judgmental and non-conclusive visionary, utilising her antennas to pick up on energies creating for the future. In your life, you have gained a lot of respect as a coach and counsellor. Did your career develop in the way you had planned and expected it to be or was it full of unexpected surprises? I believe I have been subconsciously and consciously steering this life and my career to where it is today. Sometimes aware of that push in the back, to go in a certain direction, or being pulle [...]

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