Be A Global Woman with Style Afternoon Tea & Catwalk Diane Von Furstenberg, Mayfair in London has officially invited Global Woman community for a special afternoon tea on Monday, 27th May 4pm -6.30pm By Mirela Sula Have you been in that position that as a woman entrepreneur you get so busy with your business and you find yourself running to a meeting but you don’t know what to wear? Sometimes we get used to the reality: no make-up, not dressed up, we just get up and get some work done. Also, many women that we meet tell us that once they start the business, they don’t have time for parties anymore, no time for friends and fun. Well, welcome to the world of entrepreneurs At Global Woman we all have agreed in one principle: The Business should be easy, fun and profitable. This is what we have created in our reality and many women get curious to know: What is Global Woman Club about? How does it work? What is the model and the purpose of the meetings? It is very simple: We meet to connect with each other, to get to know about other women’s stories; how did they succeed and how can we do the same. If we already managed to succeed how can we help others find that direction? So, once we understand this, then we want to make our business work as well, and therefore we start exploring ways of doing business partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations. At the Global Woman Club, it is not only about learning but more about being, doing and taking actions. In order to enjoy this journey, we don’t want to simply to show that we are strong and smart women. We often hea [...]

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