Marina Newington -Bringing out your power By Ellen Smith Marina Newington, the founder of award nominated PowerSystem, is an internationally-qualified IIN Health Coach, a Columbia Business School MBA, a best selling author and speaker. After working in finance and marketing for large companies, then raising a family of four children, she felt completely exhausted: physically, mentally, and emotionally. This exhaustion and lack of motivation led Marina on a personal journey to regain balance in her life, find more time, restore energy, and rediscover her confidence. In short: she had to get her POWER back. Having gone through this journey herself, Marina wanted to help other women who were struggling with similar issues. You are originally from the US, but now living in the UK, could you please share how your American upbringing has influenced you in your professional life? While I still have an American accent after more than 20 years in the UK, my background is actually more varied. I was born in Russia and my family moved to Israel when I was very young. We then moved to NY when I was about 4 and I was raised in Manhattan. Hebrew, in fact, was my first language and I grew up speaking English, Hebrew and Russian. While growing up, I was influenced by two very different cultures at all times, European in the home and American everywhere else. In truth I took from both of them but felt more identification with the European style and that is ultimately why I was so happy to settle in the UK – it was more aligned to my core personality.  Having said that, there are many [...]

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