Elena Cardone: Build the empire of your life By Mirela Sula Elena Cardone is an actress, author, businesswoman, personal development coach, and public speaker.The queen of her empire, Elena has designed, constructed and protected a life outside of the ordinary. She has inspired a legion of followers to create their own empires – lives that are truly fulfilling and beyond the average. She counts her current job as her most important one – Chief Family Officer, where she is loving mother, fierce wife and loyal friend. Hosting her podcast series Women in Power, Elena interviews and speaks with other influential women about a variety of topics – social media, business, health, children, education, government, entrepreneurship, travel, beauty, fashion… and yes, sex! Bestselling author of the book Build An Empire and an in-demand speaker, Elena has traveled the globe sharing her insights, wit and experiences building an empire and creating an extraordinary 10X life for herself, husband and family. She is a proven self-development vehicle, providing accelerated success strategies by awakening undiscovered personal power, boundlessly expanding visions and building sky-scraping dreams. Elena, you are wearing too many hats: actress, author, philanthropist, empire-builder, mother, a very successful woman, influencer and inspiration for many out there. What are some of the secrets behind your success? The fact that I am even considered an inspiration to anyone, is amazing; I am honored. I believe we as women can do it all. We are capable of wearing as many hats as we want. [...]

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